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Pipewire Audio fix for Dell Venue 11 Pro

During the time where Fedora Linux switched from PulseAudio to Pipewire for audio backend between versions 34 and 35, a hardware compatibility was broken for the headphone jack for the Venue 11 Pro tablets.


This fix will fix these symptoms:

This is caused by the ALSA backend of Pipewire not recognising the proper combo jack wiring.

The fix

We need to set the SND HDA Intel module to use the Dell headset model

Execute this command:

sudo cat options snd-hda-intel model=dell-headset-multi > /etc/modprobe.d/audio-jack.conf

Then reboot. This should fix the audio output issue. Audio input not tested.

For list of HD Audio Codec models to use, refer to the Linux Sound Subsystem Documentation - HD-Audio Codec-Specific Models documentation.